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hawitter[hawɪtə] - A simple twitter client

It is not hatwitter!

0.4 (beta)


  • added popup menu (post/quit) to tray icon.
  • OAuth support
  • partial implementation of TLM (+#hash and -#hash)
  • unload old tweets off the memory. you can now use hawitter for prolonged time.
  • the remaining number of requests is shown in the status bar.

known issues:

0.3 (beta)

Bug fix release. TL modifier is yet to be implemented.


  • Added tray icon. Click it to hide/show the window.
  • Closing the window only hides it. To terminate hawitter, quit from the menu (or press Ctrl+Q).
  • Tweets made from hawitter immediately appears on the screen.
  • Code cleanup.

Known issues:

  • Due to message markup code bug, following symptoms may occur:
    • message body does not appear
    • wrong coloring
    • client name contains tags

0.2 (alpha)



Twitux didn't feel right to me. That was motivation to develop hawitter. And it will not be full-fledged client. But it will have powerful, timeline modifier.

TL modifier

Basic idea is to locally filter tweets.

for example:

  • temporarily hide some tweets by users you follow.
  • hide/show tweets with certain hashtags.
  • hide/show tweets from users you're not following.
  • show reply to certain users.

If you're lucky, 'cabal install hawitter' will suffice.

random notes


  • This is alpha (or pre-alpha...) version. Do not expect much from this.
  • HTTP basic authentication is used.
  • updates TL every minute
  • It uses twitter API. Manual refresh(F5) should be under 150-60=90 times per hour.
  • All tweets are accumulated on memory.


  • implement TL modifier
  • do something about RT and QT
  • expand shortened URLs
  • code documentation
  • show task tray icon
  • OAuth


  • list creation
  • public TL processing (gardenhose,etc)
  • geolocation